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A Healthier Alternative To Smoking

Smoke the healthier way with an electronic cigarette starter kit.

* Allows you to smoke indoors, outdoors, in the park, the restaurant, the office, anywhere
* Looks like a traditional cigarette
* No tar, no carcinogens
* No second hand smoke
* No lighter or ashtray needed
Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits have all the benefits of smoking a regular cigarette without the smoke, tar, carcinogens and smell. You can still get your nicotine, at your desired level.

For Example Product

1. Veppo Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Product Description

The Veppo Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit simulates all the sensations of smoking without the health risks. The Veppo does not contain tar or tobacco and does not produce carbon monoxide. It is a nicotine delivery revolution for smokers.

* 2 Batteries
* 1 Atomizer
* 1 Charger
* 5 pack of regular tobacco cartridges
* Complete, simple instructions to get you started right away.


* Simple to use.
* Free of Tar, Carbon Monoxide and carcinogens
* Non-flammable: eliminates the risk of fire
* Environmentally friendly, Pollution free
* No Second Hand Smoke
* Allowed in most public places
* Pleasant simulated smoke
* Lower levels of nicotine as compared with a pack of traditional cigarettes with same effect

* Length: 102mm
* Very comfortable feel in your hand.

* Only use VEPPO E-Cigarette Cartridges or VEPPO E-Liquid Nicotine for refills.

2. SS Choice No 7 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Product Description

The Smokers Smart Choice.


* Contents include:

* 1 - Atomizer
* 2 - Rechargeable Batteries
* 1 - USA Plug AC Wall Charger
* 5 - Regular Strength (16mg) Tobacco Flavored Cartridges

* Each cartridge is the equivalent to 12-15 cigarettes, and the batteries last for approximately 275 puffs.

* You can obtain additional cartridges from the SS Choice No. 7 E-Cigarette Micro Refill Cartridges or the product page.

3. Gamucci Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Product Description

For similar items, choose the Veppo Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit or SS Choice No7 Starter Kit

Gamucci Micro electronic cigarette Starter Kit

The electronic cigarette starter kit has everything you need to start smoking healthier.


Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette
2 Rechargeable Batteries
1 Wall Charger
1 USB Charger
5 Regular (16mg) strength cartridges
1 Velvet slip case

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