Monday, June 20, 2011

Capture Your Screen Blackberry With CaptureIt

okay, good to meet again with ical, ical will post this time how to photograph the screen that is active in the blackberries. Logically if you frequently use a computer, then the computer is called print screen facility, where the results can be viewed with a screen print paste results earlier in the paint, will be shaped image file.

On the blackberry, it could also be so, it's just that we need an application for it. Here ical recommended use CaptureIt for capture your menus on the blackberry.

To download the application please click here. . file size 12kb.

Example usage:
Go to folder download your blackberry, locate the application you just downloaded, called "CaptureIt", to use, you just stay open applications, and suppose you want to capture the main menu, you just press the menu (blackberry logo on the keypad), search and select captureit.

Results of the capture you can see in the photo gallery. Good luck

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