Thursday, June 23, 2011

Delete Event Logs On The Blackberry

This time the mobile solution will explain how to delete the event log on the blackberry. Why log should be deleted? because the log apart is not so important, and will make the memory at full blackberries and blackberry over time makes the process becomes slow. Some of the misconception about the log. Some say that it is a virus log blackberry, it is not true.

Okay, straight to the steps how to remove the event log on your blackberry.

  1. From home, please press on the keypad, ALT + L + G + L + G, where the ALT hold, so the window will appear as below.
  2. If the window like the above does not appear, please repeat step 1, if so, press menu, then select Refresh, Press menu again and select Clear Log, warning window appears select DELETE.

Consider, now the windows event log set aside just two nautical logs, it indicates that you've managed to delete the logs that are not important on your blackberry.

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