Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How To Change Unknown Number On History Call Blackberry

This time ical will share, how to change MyNumber from unknown number to number which we use on blackberry. Please see image below for detail,

Such ical purposes.
For the steps, please see the picture below.

  1. Press Menu on your blackberry, search Option menu , then select Advanced Option

  2. Search and select SIM Card

  3. now look at the menu display sim card, at the phone number was written "Unknown Number". This is what will we change to the actual number.
  4. Press Menu (blackberry logo on keypad). Search and select Edit SIM Phone Number,

  5. And then, you will see display like below:

    SIM Phone Number : fill with your phone number

    Friendly Name : fill with your nickname

    then press OK
  6. now your phone number have been saved, now back to the main screen, and press the call out, you will see your number, like picture below

actual purpose of this all is to help us find our own number, by simply pressing the call button (green button). Oke brother and sister, please try the trick on your blackberry smartphone. :)

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