Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free Download Translator For BlackBerry

Dictionary or translator may be useful for a lot of friends who have friends from different parts of the world's fuel. Due to the existence of this translator then will allow us to communicate with them.

This time smartphone-solution introduced translator for blackberry is Xlator.

Free Download Translator For BlackBerry
Xlator For BlackBerry

Why choose Xlator For BlackBerry?
Because the use Xlator very easy and convenient.

What advantages Xlator For BlackBerry? Xlator uses three methods to interpret the language.
  1. Translate: features used to translate words or sentences that directly inputted on the form. 
  2. Site: feature to translate a web page, copy and paste the link to the website url into the box that had been prepared. 
  3. Document: feature to translate a document that is saved. Supported document formats, among others. Pdf,. Doc,. Docx,. Txt

Of the three features above will certainly help us to translate quickly and accurately of course. Translate the results themselves can be directly saved or shared to social networking sites (facebook, twitter) or can be shared via email and sms. To download Xlator For BlackBerry , please visit http://adf.ly/2TL1e

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