Sunday, August 14, 2011

How To Send And Received File On BlackBerry Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection on blackberry very different with other phone like nokia, sony ,etc. For send and received file using bluetooth, need a more configuration.

Below i will share to you how to send and received file on blackberry using bluetooth connection.

How To Send File Using Bluetooth , for blakberry to blackbery and blackberry to other phone (not blackberry)
1. Switch on bluetooth power.
2. Choose option - Bluetooth , you will see all device who haved paired device with your bluetooth.

3. Now, if you will send a file to other blackberry or other phone and not found at paired device list, you must add device first.
4. Still at paired device list, push menu, choose add device.
5. Then choose search, bluetooth will found a new device,, choose that, and new device will be shown in paired device list.
6. Now you can send a file using bluetooth to new device which you added just now.

How To Received File On Blackberry Using Bluetooth Connection
1. Switch on bluetooth power.
2. Now open your file with file manager, push menu - applications - files - file folders , you will be shown , like picture below

3. Push menu again, and choose Received Using Bluetooth.

4. Now, send file from other phone to your phone and don't canceling waiting windows like below , before send proccess successfully.

Now we have know how to send and received file on blackberry using bluetooth, so good luck send and received file (image, video, mp3) from your friend.

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