Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Automatically Lock With Curve Slider

Curve Slider is a special application for the BlackBerry that works to automatically lock the keypad on the BlackBerry. This is an application that you encounter on the iPhone with this as the default key. It's just that the iPhone is using the Touch Screen and BlackBerry just using Trackpad. But the function of the Curve slider is almost the same as the default lock on the iPhone.

Generally, BlackBerry users to use the A button to lock the blackberry, but is less effective, because it must be done manually. So my recommendation to use the Curve Slider to automatically lock your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Automatically Lock With Curve Slider

How To Work From Curve Slider. If the Curve Slider already installed on your BlackBerry, it automatically anyway, your blackberry will be locked automatically when the light is already off-screen BlackBerry, the Curve Slider will lock automatically.

Some Settings In Curve Slider In addition to lock automatically, curve slider can also be password protected with security, where the presence of a password, not all people can use your blackberry.

To download Curve Slider, please visit link below.
through your blackberry - Download - Online Installation
Via Laptop or pc - Download. Offline Installation, Install using BBSAK software.
If you want to download via pc or laptop, you will see adf page, please click SKIP AD at right corner of page to see download page.

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