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Displaying Google Adsense With GFC

Google Friend Connect or often called the GFC is a facility provided by Google, where its function is to create friendships with others. In addition, other features can be found there is a feature of adsense, adsense feature where it is connected directly to an existing Google Adsense account (that's when my friends have a Google Adsense account). Well here icalcell will give tips on using GFC facility to display Google Adsense ads on your blog or blogs outside Indonesia.

  1. Log into your Google Adsense
  2. Jump goto Ad Code that has been made, to remember the name of the ad slots where the code will be implemented into your blog later. 
  3. Go to Google Friend Connect here 
  4. Display your home will look, now look at the left window, there will be found a few blog sites. If not there, please add site first. 
  5. If an existing blog, please click on the blog and click the adsense tab, as shown below.
  6. Trik Muncul Iklan Google Adsense Di blog indonesia menggunakan GFC
  7. Note the step 2 in the figure above, there are two options there, which is making a new ad slots or uses slots that have been made ​​earlier in your Adsense account. I choose the second suggestion, which the ad is definitely the style settings according to your blog, and more express as well.
  8. After the ad slot is selected, go to step 3, click the Generate Code, then the box will appear that it is the script Google Adsense ads. As the picture below.
  9. Mengambil Kode Iklan GFC Untuk Diimplementasikan di blog
  10. Copy Codes above (in form) and paste in your blog which to publishing ads from Google Adsense.
I have been this trick for my blog for 10 month ago to display ads from google adsense and my account is very safe. But Inodnesian Language still not supported by Google Adsense. :)

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Displaying Google Adsense With GFC
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24 November, 2011 20:15 delete

gan nanya kog blogku ke indeks google tiap hari malah berkurang ya

25 November, 2011 05:09 delete

udah submit sitemap blog blum di webmaster google , coba kunjungi ini Submit Sitemap Blog

25 November, 2011 08:46 delete

gan,,, qw udah submit gan,, tp kok yg di index sedkit,, padahal di webmaster tidak ditemukan error,, apakah template mempengaruhi gan,, cekidot : http://anaksiblog.blogspot.com