Jumat, November 25, 2011

Download UltraSurf 11.03 Full Version

Who is not familiar with this software, well Ultrasurf is more often called SUSU (in indonesia). UltraSurf is already accompanied free tool icalcell and other members who are on the page faebook icalcell. Where this software is too simple software for free internet to be applied. Moreover with the updated version of UltraSurf UltraSurf is 11.03.

11:03 UltraSurf is a very different version of the previous version, call it 2 last update UltraSurf,  UltraSurf 10.17 and 11.02, which both feature almost about the same. Very different from 11.03 UltraSurf which is equipped to setting listen port, UltraSurf to be applied in the browser or other applications that require an internet connection. Where is the default port of UltraSurf is 9666, now with UltraSufr 11.03 we can arbitrarily change the listen port.

Besides the already equipped with changing listen port, 11.03 UltraSurf is also better in connection to the server UltraSurf where the delay time for the connection process longer than the previous version of UltraSurf. So it is possible the success of slow network connection or magic proxy (proxy sakti : Indonsesia called) is slow or unstable.

Below is a screen setup proxy listen on UltraSurf 11.03
Download UltraSurf 11.03

Below is a screen shoot of UltraSurf which has been Conneted with listen port
Download UltraSurf 11.03

If you want to download UltraSurf 11.03 please visit this link

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Download UltraSurf 11.03 Full Version
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2 komentar

25 November, 2011 09:12 delete

Mas ical modem ana mentok d 512Kbps, gmana spaya mnjadi 2Mbps atw 8Mbps?
Mhon pencerahan ?

25 November, 2011 23:32 delete

Sayangnya ultrasurf ini masih bisa diblok juga dengan squid di linux..
tapi masih ampuh di windows...
makasih dah infonya...