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Free SMS From Indosat 2011

Indosat is well-known card with many bonuses, whether it's a free sms. In this post icalcell will share information about Free SMS from Indosat (IM3 or Mentari) from 50 to 100 SMS Free SMS every day. Free SMS is valid for card holder Indosat (im3 or Mentari). Free SMS actually already exists in Indosat package, it's just that my friends may not know where the package because the package was too much Indosat, starting from package sun chatting, sun bonus, 24 IM3, IM3 0.01, and others.

On this occasion icalcell will provide information which packages should be your friends wear or use to save sms pulse especially its pulse. Packages that offer free sms from 50 to 100 per day is IM3 Package 0.01. This is a package that has long icalcell use. Because a day requires only SMS credits amounting to Rp.300 or Rp.100, the rest free.
Free SMS From Indosat 2011

Here's how to registration IM3 0.01 package.
  1. Access *777# through mobile phones
  2. Select 1 (for a list of common package)
  3. Select 1 (for a list of packages)
  4. Select 5 (to activate the package IM3 0.01)
Note: Moving package for the first time will be charged for free. To move the package a second time and onwards will be charged Rp.1000.

How to use IM3 0.01 package
  1. Send 2 SMS with the rates paid Rp 50, it will get bonus SMS *, passed during the full 24 hours.
  2. Pulses under Rp.1000 will not get bonus SMS.
  3. Toll Rp.1000 above but less than Rp.5000, will get 50 bonus SMS.
  4. Toll Rp.5000 above, will receive 100 bonus SMS.
  5. SMS bonus applies to all operators.
  6. Scheme repeated for the next day, and do not need to register the package again. as long as the package has not changed, SMS tariff scheme will be forever as above.
Icalcell have long used IM3 0.01 package above, in sum, Rp.5000 pulse lasting for weeks. To Call prize also very cheap. Indosat cheap SMS.

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Free SMS From Indosat 2011
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7 komentar

26 November, 2011 12:04 delete

semua orang juga udah pda tau mas ical

26 November, 2011 14:35 delete

pengguna kartu lama bsa ndak tu,?
Klo gk nomer m3 ane dh nyebar kmna2 pzti dh q bakar..pengguna lama d anak tirikan,..krtu baru 2 sms lgsg grtis sms tp krtu lama boro2 2 sms,100 sms pun ttep byar normal..M3 emg fuck..
Mka'a skg q pindah k pket mentari obrol..lmyn buat tlfn 1000 rupiah/jam
trz untk sms'a q bli pulsa sms yg 25 rbu

27 November, 2011 01:23 delete

gk usah beli paket gtu ,gnti smsc pke nih +254733000890 gratis poLL :D

27 November, 2011 02:22 delete

mnding pake simpati freedom. Lbih uenaak.

27 November, 2011 06:05 delete

@kiki - jangan salah,kebanyakan org belum tahu, makanya takpostingin untuk lebih jelasnya,,,,

@anom - kalo kartu lama biasanya sampe 250 mas,,,

@DmC - SMSCnya gak work mas ,, :)

@Kuli - simpati kartu mahal mas,,,, kgk nahan guncangannya....

27 November, 2011 23:27 delete

tiap ng'sms no tujuan hrus awaln +628.....

01 Desember, 2011 17:52 delete

boro2 250 mas,. Dikasih gratisan 1(satu) sms pun enggak(enggak)..