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Kinds Of Business On The Internet

Hi Guys! This time according to the posts which are always posted by icalcell ie on Tutorial Blog, Free Tricks, Seo, Software, News, Adsense, Business, and Other Tips and Tricks .. But this time I am only posting one of them is about "Business". Before you guys know about Business on the Internet, you must know first what it Business?

Business is an organization that sells goods or services to consumers or other businesses, for a profit .. The word comes from the business of business in English, busy means busy, in the community, individuals, or society .. In the sense busy doing the work / activity for profit .. So much had enough sense to know your business, let us back to the main topic of Internet Business.

On the Internet there are actually a lot of business programs that exist, and perhaps some of which are generating profits very much. I will introduce some business services on the Internet. New business on the Internet that I tried was as follows:

  1. PPC
    PPC is a business that is very useful for bloggers, it means that ppc pay per click, meaning we will be paid if there are visitors who do click on the ppc ads that we put on the website / blog. Some PPC sites that will tell me is the following:
    • BloggerBersatu
      PPC sites are being tried, and the result is quite convincing .. of PPC, we will be paid with a pulse .. Here's a list of income we can get.....
      Advertiser: Rp. 400 /per klik
      Publisher: Rp. 200 /per klik
      Referral: Rp. 25 /ref
    • Google Adsense
      This is the best PPC this year, but if you want list we must first approve by Google Adsense, and if you want to approve it very difficult conditions .. In fact I was approced two account, but have been disabled, :(.
    • AdsensCamp
      Here it is the site of civic pride PPC Indonesia, because PPC is made by the people of Indonesia .. The site is almost the same name with Adsense, but this AdsenseCamp originating from Indonesia. For a list here is very easy, unlike Google Adsense .. You sign up there and will be approved.
  2. SEO Contest
    SEO contest is a contest conducted by a person or group who disananya we were told to make a post about specific themes, and these postings are always given the requirements by parties by nature such as "must include the address of the website, should fit
    theme, there should be a website logo, etc. "and after we make postings we must first list to the owner, and after the list later results will be determined by google in a way that people will seek
    to enable it in google with certain keywords, top websites in the keywords it will be the winner. Prizes are determined by the party to enable it
  3. ADF.LY
    adf.ly is a very spectacular site .. There we simply list and confirmation, then we cut a website address there, and if one is to click on the address we will earning a dollar $ ..
Enough so that I can inform the friends of all, sorry if there are words that do not fit. And I say "SUCCESS ALWAYS fOR ICALCELL". For all, do not forget to visit icalcell

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Kinds Of Business On The Internet
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10 November, 2011 18:37 delete

yang bloggerBersatu it kok cuma 200 perak ya. padahal standar iklan yang lain 300 per klik. tapi yang beriklan enak tuh, cm 400 perak, biasanya 500 per klik

16 November, 2011 21:49 delete

mantapft mas ical...semoga blog ini semakin baik dan berguna bagi pngunjung