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Protect Blog From Autoblog

Having previously, icalcell have posted How To Make Autoblog With Blogger, so this time icalcell will provide how to create blogs avoid these autoblog activities. Bloggers certainly do not want a blog that painstakingly built post is filled with unique and powerful, even directly aspirated same koq other bloggers. On the other hand, this autoblog activity if the governance of capital only mediocre alias not know the ins and outs of blogger for example BL ((backlink), then we as the owner of the blog will be greatly benefited with the BL (backlink), due to our blog feed sucked, then automatically posting a link would also stuck on the blog. Quality BL (backlink) as well depending on the autoblog.

Back to How To Protect Blog From Autoblog. Is actually quite simple and modest way, does not require an elaborate effort to keep the blog from the activities of certain autoblog. As before in How To Make Autoblog With Blogger, it's us know that the core of the suction site autoblog is a blog feeds, so if your blog does not want into practice autoblog, live feeds are disabled on the blog site. The trick as below:
  1. Login to blogger account, open your blog will be setting for feed site.
  2. Click Setting tab -> Other , you will see windows shown like below
  3. blog site feed setting
  4. Feed Site is composed of two parts Post Feed Comment feed for posts and to comment. So if you want to disable all just select none. Then save the settings.
Explanation for avaliable choice from feed
  1. None, for disabling all feeds of blogs, posts or comments.
  2. Short, for active site feed but only for some posts or short post.
  3. Full, for active full site feed, comments and post feed
  4. Until Jump Break, site feed is actived, but is sent to the site feed only until Jump Break. Jump Break bloggers here is a facility whose function is to cut posts. The principle works the same as the facility Readmore.
So the conclusion of friends who live alone would enable the site to determine the feed half, full or disabled, which certainly my friends already know the benefits.

There are some drawbacks if we disable the feed on the blog site, for example:
  1. Recent Post will be not shown on your blor if you using this widget.
  2. Recent Comment will be not shown too in your blog.
  3. Related Post too will be  disappear if you disabled feed site.
  4. Content Blog atau table of contents will be not shown.
But all can be overcome, depending on how your friends bloggers to anticipate it. Good luck to Protect Blog From Autoblog by first considering the benefits and disadvantages that exist.

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Protect Blog From Autoblog
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21 November, 2011 04:48 delete

semakin bertambah wawasan saya mengenai blogger....thanks bwat infonya sangat beramnfaat

25 November, 2011 21:55 delete

wow blog anda sangat menarik sekali,tapi jika anda berkenan untuk menjual rumah atau sejenisnya anda bisa memasang DISINI GRATIS saya akan sering mengunjungi blog anda jika anda tidak keberatan untuk mengisi di blog saya, sedikit saran kalo bisa sering update yah ^_^