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VNC : PC Remote Control

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) a desktop sharing system which possible to control computers (PCs) other than the distance(remote) using the protocol RFB (Remote Frame Buffer) through
local network or the Internet. There are plenty of VNC software that can be used such as RealVNC, TightVNC,UltraVNC, etc.. Here we will use UltraVNC which coulddownloaded for free at http://www.uvnc.com

Stage of use VNC:
  1. Install UltraVNC on a PC that will diremote (server) and PC will be used to remotely (client).
  2. Run UltraVNC Server on a PC server. In a column in authentication UltraVNC Server Property Page content VNC View-Only Password and Password.
  3. Run UltraVNC Viewer on the PC client. Enter the IP PC Server reply will diremote in column VNC Server. Click Connect and enter the password VNC server PC.
  4. If the IP and PC VNC server password entered is correct then PC server is ready to be controlled entirely by the PC client.
Some features of UltraVNC:
  1. File transfer. Features to upload / download files. Not recommended to transfer a large file.
  2. Open Chat. To communicate with PC users who diremote.
  3. Remote Input and Remote Blank Monitor. To make the monitor screen PC who diremote be blank for a few moments until the key features is disabled. This allows the server PC users can not see the activities that we do when the server PC remotely.
  4. Multiple Monitors support. Feature that allows PCs to servers remotely by more than one PC client simultaneously.
  5. Send CTRL + ALT + DEL & Send 'Start' (CTRL + ESC) to the host. Shortcut to open the Windows Task Manager and Start Menu on a PC running the remotely.
And many other features of UltraVNC which could used to support our performance during the PC remotely.

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VNC : PC Remote Control
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