Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Best New Smartphone 2015 : #2 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

#2  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Top Smartphones)
Best New Smartphone 2015 : #2 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The large 5.7-inch screen, S Corral stylus and classy price-tag might not ensue in support of all, says John McCann by CNET, on the contrary the Note 4's power, pageant and abundant camera compose it an "excellent smartphone" McCann says it is "the finest phablet around" with a fantastic" QHD resolution screen that makes everything "pin clever" He adds: "Your eyes single-handedly will thank you for picking awake the Galaxy Note 4, and those of you who love making a bet and watching movies by your phone, it's perfect."

Samsung ranks second row of the Best New Smartphone/Top Smartphones 2015 after the first position is the Sony Experia Z3

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