Saturday, May 30, 2015

How To Setting Hotspot Mode Smartphone Wifi

Almost all smartphones equipped with wifi. But not all smartphones can be set to use a wifi hotspot mode, only the wifi feature alone, which can be used to connect to the internet.

In this post we will provide information about the use of the smartphone wifi hotspot mode. In this case we use the OPPO smartphone as an example.

Previously we will explain, what exactly is the function of the hotspot mode? With hotspot mode, we can share the internet connection to another smartphone or computer device with wifi media. So if in your house there are several kinds of electronic devices that use the wifi, then subscribe to the internet just 1 device only, others can ride him.
How To Setting Hotspot Mode Smartphone Wifi
below step by step to switch on Hotspot Mode on OPPO Smartphone
1. Open setting menu.
2. On tab Wireless & Networks, click More, you will see windows below
How To Setting Hotspot Mode Smartphone Wifi
3. Click switch on at the Portable Wi-fi Hotspot.
4. For Change Name or Password the Hotspot, juts click on set up wi-fi hotspot.

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