Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How To Use Smartphone Wifi

Wifi is one of the connections that can be used to access the Internet and also share files with other devices that also use the wi-fi. Wifi himself available for smartphones and computer / laptop.

How To Use Smartphone Wifi
In this post, we will discuss wifi smartphone. Where almost all the smartphone is equipped with wifi feature that is used to access the internet. The existence of the wifi in the smartphone features, helping users to be able to access the Internet without a subscription Internet data packets. Where data cell phone currently vary the price, there are cheap to high prices.

Besides the wifi could be used as a medium for internet access, wifi smartphone can also function as a mobile hotspot. Mobile hotspot using smartphone users who are near you can access the Internet using your smartphone connection.

To enable Wi-Fi, you just enter in the settings menu, and switching on Wifi. For mobile wifi hotspot, you just switch on in portable wifi in your smartphone.

You should know, that not all smartphones support wifi hotspot features. We give an example of a smartphone that supports, among others, is the Nexus, Oppo, Evercoss, Samsung high type.

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