Monday, June 11, 2018

Download BBM Transparent Neon Style Versi APK

In this post, we will share a BBM Aplication for Android which have been modified. We as khown, the latest version of BBM for android is Version This version which modifiy by programmer become a BBM Transparent with neon style. Actually that version still same with but have been modify one or more part file.

Below feature of New BBM Transparent Versi
New Neon Icon
Scroll animation list chat and feeds
Big Display Picture on menu setting
Toggle music on slide
Move to SDcard
Enter key on menu setting
Blink Notification
Private Mode
Auto rotate
Refresh bbm
*On/Off second tab bar
*On/Off circle display picture to square
*On/Off full display picture
*Hide Ads
And many more

For download  BBM Transparent Neon Style Versi APK for android, please visit .

Thanks for read this post, and good try the BBM Transparent for your android.

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