Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How To Get Your Custom PIN On BBM

BBM for android which have been use by Android user's is BBM with PIN can be changed. Where user must have a valid email. Where register on BBM, user will require to input Name, Email address and Password, After registration is completed, user will get a new pin on BBM.

Different with BBM on Blacberry, where PIN have integration with machine of blackberry, user can't change the PIN, like on android.

Now, on android, user can custom pin on BBM, like post title, Get Your Custom PIN On BBM. PIN can be change like your custom. For example (like picture below) the default pin is 7DB5DB54 can change to other, example: ABCD1111 .

How To Get Your Custom PIN On BBM

How to get your custom PIN On BBM ? that's very easy, You can change PIN to custom PIN by buy a new PIN on BBM Shop. Just click the link on your profile on BBM, like above picture, and follow the instruction.

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