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Complete Guide How to Re-Install Blackberry OS All Type

Complete Guide How to Re-Install OS Blackberry Way could also be said that the original Blackberry OS Upgrading old OS into the new OS version. Re-Install OS Blackberry why ?? Blackberry reason for the slow loading process, has a wide variety of ways to speed up the process, still slow, so the last resort which could be taken of the Re-Install OS Blackberry. The second reason is the OS that were old when the OS Install New OS already exists with features more complete and Bug-existing bugs in the OS had previously been minimized, so be Re-Install OS Blackberry to newer os version.

Complete Guide How to Re-Install Blackberry OS All Type

Blackberry OS re-install, we tantamount this logic if we are to Re-Install Laptop or PC, where the core of a Process Re-Install Peng's on the laptop or PC are as follows.
  1. Format partition that you want to Re-Install (example: Partition C commonly used)
  2. Install Windows
  3. Once the process is finished now computers can be used where the computer will be like new again.

On the Blackberry, Reinstall process that occurs is the same as in laptop or PC, just a different term.
  1. Wipe OS (just as we format the partition on the laptop or PC)
  2. Install OS Balckberry
  3. Blackberry can be used.
Okay back to the Complete Guide How to Re-Install OS Blackberry. The first to be prepared if you want to Re-Install OS Blackberry is as follows:

  • Blackberry OS that fits your Blackberry type, can be downloaded at the official site of the Blackberry. It serves as the main system of Blackberry, that's tantamount Laptop with Windows 7, Windows XP SP3.
  • BBSAK ie in-Install software on a computer that serves to backup applications already installed on your Blackberry. So that we can restore this application again after the Re-Install OS Blackbbery completed.
  • Blackberry Desktop Manager or often called DM, can be downloaded on the official website of the Blackberry, its function is to clicking Backup and Restore data on the Blackberry as Messages, Contacts, profile settings, and other settings.
Once all the equipment is already there, so follow Complete Guide How to Re-Install OS Blackberry below:
  1. Install all software above but after the install should not be opened once the software. 
  2. Connect your Blackberry to your computer using the USB (in the Blackberry box) 
  3. Open Desktop Manager (DM) Blackberry, perform data backup process, after the backup process is finished close back Desktop Manager (DM) of Blackberry. 
  4. Open BBSAK, BBSAK noticed in the main view, you will find posts conneceted device: PIN xxxxxxxx, note PIN, if appropriate your Blackberry PIN, if yes means BBSAK already recognize your Blackberry, otherwise unplug and re-plug the USB cable.
  5. After Blackberry recognized, go to Backup menu 3rd applications, process a little longer, wait until all applications are managed in the backup.  See detail post of How to backup blackberry applications
  6. After the process at step 5 is completed, it is time to format the RAM Blackberry, the Blackberry Wipe facilities. Also lasts quite a long process, when the process is complete then the Blackberry will restart automatically. 
  7. After Blackberry restarts, it will appear on the screen Blackberry words "Reload Software: 507". it indicates that the RAM format or Wipe Blackberry Blackberry succeed. 
  8. Immediately open windows explorer, towards the directory C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader, click it, leave loading for a moment, then will pop up a window in which we will be required for any application taskbar you want installed in conjunction with Re-Install Blackberry OS. (Check the meaning in-Install, Unceklist means no in-Install). More details please to post Install OS Blackberry. 
  9. After the process of step 8 is complete, return the Blackberry will perform an automatic Restart, and typing on a Blackberry anymore then BlackBerry is able to be reused. With the newer OS of course.
Additional steps, did when needed.
  1. Once the new OS has been installed on a Blackberry, you may need to restore data messages, contacts, email, and so forth, then use Blackberry Desktop Manager, for Restore her. 
  2. For restore applications that have previously been installed on the old Blackberry OS, use BBSAK there is a 3rd Application Restore facility.

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