Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hybrid OS Blackberry For Maximized Your Blackberry

This time we will discuss the Hybrid For BlackBerry OS, let the battery lasting BB (fair usage could until 24h), Then what is the Hybrid OS??? Hybrid OS is a mix or mixing process COD files of various OS Original BlackBerry of various types are summarized into one new OS, namely Hybrid OS. So what's the function of Hybrid OS for Blackberry ??? Yes one of which is described at the beginning of the post that can save battery power consumption, in addition, the functions of the BlackBerry is maximized, such as email delivery process with quick, fast browser loading, BBM is seldom delay, and so forth. Okay I do not need to linger, just down the way jamming Hybrid OS software used at the same time.

Hybrid OS Blackberry For Maximized Your Blackberry

  1. First prepare your PC or Laptop 
  2. uninstall BB OS preexisting, if you never install please skip this step.
  3. Installation BASE OS ( if you do not have download here 
  4. Install or copy and paste Hybrid for 8520 that has been downloaded here,  
  5. Delete vendor.xml there is C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader 
  6. Backup data menggukanan BB Desktop Manager (if there is no, first install, master adherents in hp normally,). 
  7. Backup applications using BBSAK, can be downloaded here 
  8. Wipe OS or erase all the data in the phone memory with BBSAK. 
  9. Shrink OS, to minimize the OS to be installed into Blackberrry, of course, will be more free memory, do if know, just step over if not know. 
  10. Run loader.exe, there is at C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader 
  11. Wait until the process is complete, then HP will perform Automatic Reboot, Restore application using BBSAK and data (messages, contacts, BBM contacts) using DM (Desktop Manager)
  12. Done, enjoy a hybrid OS with Hybrid OS spec, check the OS version by pressing alt + shift + h.
We use Blackberry 8520 for install the Hybrid OS, may be other type can use this Hybrid OS too. Please try and Good luck.

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