Monday, June 11, 2018

Show What I'm Listening To On BBM

Blackberry Messenger for android now available version This version is latest update on July 2015. In this version, as android phone user, can using music update feature of BBM. Where you are listening the music, will become a status on BBM.

Different with Blackberry phone, this feature have been setting of default, not need a user setting. In this post, we will give to you, a method to show your listening on BBM, like a blackberry phone user.

Follow intruction below:
1. You must using a BBM for latest version (when this post are publish, the latest version BBM for android is If you don't already install this version, please update fist.
2. Open setting menu on BBM, like picture below.

Show What I'm Listening To On BBM

3. Check list on Show What I'm Listening to.
4. Setting on BBM finished.

Now, we will setting for music player on your android phone. Because not all music player application can be used for showing on BBM as status. For Samsung user, can use default music player is Google Play Music, this is work. But for other phone, please using music player which compatible for update status automacally on BBM. In this case, we recomend for using Power Amp music player.

We can use other music player, but not all is compatible. Please trying and succes.

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